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in place until 5:00. u.s. park police plan to be done by 5:00. so that's another dirty minutes. there was road work on the northwest branch in maryland between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. you cannot see the construction in this camera. no early delays. looks fine between frederick and the capital beltway. >> new this morning, four people injured when a stolen vehicle crashed into a tree in northwest d.c. >> it's not clear what led to her this late-night crash that happened on new jersey avenue and r street. a weapon was found in the car. one person was taken to hospital in critical condition. the second person was treated for minor cuts and bruises. two more people were taken to our university hospital. we don't know their conditions. >> police investigating a shooting in southeast. officers found a male victim on the third floor apartment on 27th street near texas ave. we don't know his condition or what led to the shooting. just hours away from the third and final presidential debate. president obama and mitt romney will face off at lynn university in boca
30 locations in the u.s. and there's one in sterling, virginia. pizza hut is under fire for a free pizza promotion that involves the presidential candidates. and american airlines is trying out something new when it comes to food. that's in the next hour. ellen braitman reporting for abc 7 news. >> we will see you in a little lips. -- little bit. >> a major emission from secretary of state clinton. what she says >> d.c. officials are ready for winter. city council member's concern about a repeat of the snowmageddon storm of 2010 when blizzards shutting down pour days. the city has purchased 45 new plows and they will have 600 pieces of equipment ready to go. and they have a backup assault contractor -- salt contractor. >> let's check tim cook jacqui jeras and find out what we should be preparing for-- let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> i'm looking forward to snow. i know everyone will hate me for that. let's start with the satellite and radar picture. the cold front is offshore. a little cloudy still in western maryland. overall, we will see blue skies today. a really good one to
are looking at 60 degrees right now. >> still to come, new details on the attack in libya which kill the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. the white hou >> costa rica is assessing damage after a powerful earthquake. >> it was centered in the northwest part of the country. at this point, no reports of casualties or serious damage. >> want to check on the weather with jacqui jeras. >> the only pick up in our forecast is what is going on right now -- a little bit of cloud cover. it is possible that we could see a sprinkle or two. for the most part today is going to shake up to be another beautiful day. the warmest day of the week. temperatures this morning 60 to start you off. 60 at reagan national. 55 in winchester. 60 in fredericksburg. a record high today 84 -- we will stay shy of that by a couple of degrees. 76 by noon and 80 degrees by 5:00. a great day. a slide in the temperatures on the way. your seven-days minutes away -- first traffic. >> good morning. we have a bit of activity for virginia. i will take into a video. shortly before midnight we had an incident involving a tract
word that a haso-based mobil carrier purchased 70% of u.s.-based corp..nextel this deal is worth $20 billion. the japanese company announcing this at a news conference just happened this morning in tokyo. the deal has been approved by both boards would still need e u.s.-basedm th shareholders. the wall street journal reporting that the ceo of sprint in control of the in the u.s.. now it's not clear what this means for consumers. analysts say in the future this gives a spread nextel the maybe purchase a mobile, company like t- morethem a little against at&t and verizon. if they were to do that in the mean at&t andould might ask to explore their prices a little to stay with a company like .print this is a story we will continue watch. we will have even more hour.ation in our next back to you. >> thank you. 4:52. for the first time in over a found a waydskins to win at fedex field. the first home victory of the rg3 era. the rookie quarterback put on setting a record his fifth rushing touchdown season. 76-ent up the middle for a touchdown, which sealed the deal. 38-26.t the victory >> to
of the three nato killed. according to reuters, this is an area of afghanistan that is usually patrolled by u.s. , kohst province. could be u.s. troops injured or dead. we are searching international feeds. we hope to have more later this morning. reporting.nji >> d.c. police investigating a shooting which wounded a man and woman. it happened just after 10:00 at the new york avenue and north capitol street in northwest. in the leg andt shot in the arm. we don't know what led to the shooting. police of not release details on any suspects. >> prince george's county investigating a suspicious apartment fire. this or out before 11:30 last night on livingston terrace in oxon hill. was contained to the second three-story building. no one injured. >> investigators have found the to kidnap a 13-year- old boy at a mcdonald's in silver spring. he was found at the d.c. hospital. he went up to the point at a on colesville road on friday. was a police then tried to drag out of the restaurant. the eventual release the boy and then took off. with attempteded kidnapping and second-degree assault. the extraditi
. he has gained $22,000. a spokesman person for twitter the debate was the most about event in u.s. history. >> he will visit virginia today. he and paul ryan holding a rally tonight with a country singer. president obama will return to the campaign trail. he will speak in denver and at wisconsin iny of madison. vice president biden visiting iowa. stay with abc 7 for complete of the presidential race. atk for us online as well >> per vigil tonight to remember of the sniper attacks 10 years ago. it's at the united methodist n gaithersburg to honor the 10 people died during the three weeks. john allen mohammed and lee boyd malvo were convicted. malvo is serving a life sentence in a virginia prison and his accomplice was executed. funeral mass today for a two sonsoman and her o were shot and killed by the father.'s family members and friends your last night for petersons. her husband albert killed his taking his own life. funeral is at 10:00 a.m. in reston. >> important news for job- seekers. job fair today in arlington 10:30 until 2:00 p.m. at on north fortn at. drive jobs
of our military has changed. >> they brought the debate back issue, theer-one economy, in particular u.s. jobs.bile >> you were very clear that you provide government the u.s. auto if they wentn through bankruptcy. >> the idea has been suggested would liquidate the industry. of course not. >> the latest abc news poll shows this race is still close, but the president carrying a one point lead. >> i don't think mitt romney hurt himself, but obama and himself a couple points debate. >> both candidates will spend most of their time campaigning in key battleground states. brandi hitt, abc news, florida. today the president will travel to --. mitt romney and his running mate visitryan will d anderson, nevada, and morrison, colorado. we will have updates on our web site, >> in prince george's county, whofort washington boy entered an alford plea in the foster sister is expected in court today. the 12-year-old will learn his punishment. he is charged with involuntary the death of the two-year-old girl in july. an alford plea is not an guilt butof acknowledges there's enough conviction.
. >> we are hearing this morning north korea warned the u.s. that it has missiles that can reach its range to the u.s. they are saying this comes after some sort of agreement between south korea and officials in washington. the statement came out over the official korean central news agency. a spokesman for the national defense commission says that the north plans to bolster its military operations and prepared this. a short time ago, an official with south career opposing defense ministry said that they had no official comment on north korea's statement and they went on to say that officials in seoul, south korea and washington have repeatedly said they have no intention of attacking north korea. we are keeping a close eye on this story. as soon as we get any new information, we will pass it along to you. back to you. >> thank you. >> let's check in with adam caskey for the weather. >> is going to be cloudy and damp to start our tuesday morning. we will see a little sunshine this afternoon. overall, mostly cloudy for the majority of the day. big improvements tomorrow, just in time for the
for work. and u.s. workers are feeling aboutle more confident the nation's jobs outlook. >> that is good news. 41% of respondents who lost jobs recently are jobmistic they will find a in the next six months. those with jobs say concerns possibility of being off is down 17%. the health-care industry is a choice as the baby boom generation ages. job postings for positions registered nurse to 13%ysical therapist rose of 2011 through june of this year. do get paid pretty well, but lower-paid home health aides are in higher demand. workers in the restaurant industry are in demand as well. industry is headed for its strongest year since 2004. the owner of olive garden hirenced it plans to expands.rkers as it bald man in the workforce in the world, more on that in the next hour. is business news from bloomberg headquarters in new bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. it's wednesday morning >> . find out which city made the list of america's sharpest cities. >> and a look ahead at the to close outpared the regular season and home. one more game today. the team is the national
. the disease kills 40,000 women in the u.s. every year. >> it gives me hope that my ones and hopefully no one else's loved ones some debt. they are continuing their crusade and calling on the make the insurance companies cover a minimum 48 mastectomy, for women to be able to stay in the hospital. buckingham palace is going pink as well as the empire state building. it is 63 degrees right now. >> and highlights from the second week of dancing. >> ♪ >> see which couple got the too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. too many of those who are workg are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my p
after obama for his response to the u.s. consulate attack in libya. >> it took the president two weeks to acknowledge this was a terrorist attack. -- ryan went after obama. >> joe biden often laughed at ryan's arguments >> . joe biden understood he had to go out there and do what president obama failed to do last week. >> i thought joe biden was great to night. i cannot be prouder of him. >> i think the vice president knows that sometimes the words don't come out the right way. [laughter] >> but i always say what i mean. >> the next big debate is next tuesday when president obama and mitt romney will square off for the second round in new york. brandi hitt, abc news, ky. >> vice-president joe biden stirred up debate when he laughed and smiled several times during his face-off with ryan. two to accounts or prompted by this. >> talented mitt romney remains on the campaign trail with a stop in richmond later this morning. >> we have some news that may put a chill on your plans to eat ice cream. >> walmart could end up with a black eye on black friday. years linda bell. >> happy friday. wa
in office. >> virginia u.s. senate candidate george allen and then- tim kaine facing off. the debates will be broadcast live for 8:00 until 9:00 p.m. on our sister station news channel 8. pain at the pump for drivers in california. prices may leave a bad taste in your mouth. linda bell has more. >> and apple may keep the doctor prices may be about to 1 per pound.h as $ this year's crop was hurt by the weather. this is according to usa today, pricest says apple juice may surged 20%. california motorists facing prices afteras refinery problems. $4.66 a is gallon on average. prices are even more than a that at some than diego and other parts of california. governor jerry brown directing regulators to allow refiners to increase supplies of cheaper oil. d.c. metro area gas prices are $3.87 a gallon. is tense and slower than a month ago. so that's good news. which fast-food chain has the service?rive thru i will tell you in my next report. live at bloomberg headquarters york, linda bell reporting. back to you. >> thank you. a rough sunday for the redskins. >> they lost the game against the
boulevard. >> a suicide car bomber blew up his vehicle near the gate of a u.s.-afghan combat outpost in eastern afghanistan. and afgh troops were injured mostly by falling debris. the taliban claimed responsibility. nato says the outpost was secured shortly after the blast. political experts and the public weighing in on last night's second debate between obama and romney. >> 46% of debate watchers said the president was the winner. there's a seven point margin of error. the debate had its share of humor and heated moments. >> 45 seconds into his first answer, the president went after his opponent. >> governor romney said we should lead detroit go bankrupt. >> the president took detroit and chrysler bankrupt. >> so you actually did. >> that's the way it was much of the night. >> have you looked at your pension? >> i don't look at my pension. it's not as big as yours. >> the republican challenger said the middle class has been crushed. >> what you are saying is 201223 million people struggling to find a job. they have not put americans back to work. >> it took more than an hour for t
. -- toyota. >> we have toyota recalling nearly 2.5 million vehicles in the u.s. and 7 million globally. because of problems of the master power windows which in more than 12 models that includes tundras and rav 4s that could result in smoke or even fire. thousands knock off airbags -- that edo not inflate properly. more information will be posted on safer car/ there is a virus teens may soon try to catch because it sure as bad acne. more on that coming later. back to you. >> 4:37 is the time. 55 degrees. >> the upcoming presidential inauguration falls on a holiday. but he might not get a break on metro >> welcome back to "good morning washington. >> and check on the forecast. >>4:40 here. it will be a beautiful day. starting off with a bit of drizzle, especially east of 95. but the clouds will clear out. we will have sunshine for the majority of the day. especially closer to lunch time. warm east of the blue ridge. 52 in frederick. west of the blue ridge, a bit cooler. 41 in cumberland. on our way to 72 this afternoon. becoming partly cloudy. a bit of a breeze into the early even
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14